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Where does 'tpl' php variable come from?

I'm a web developer who is relatively new to PHP programming. I recently came across the term 'tpl' while working on a PHP project, and I'm a bit confused about where this variable originates from. I've seen it being used in various code examples and frameworks, but I can't seem to find any definitive information on its origin and purpose.

I've tried searching online and checking the PHP documentation, but the results are not very clear. Some sources suggest that 'tpl' is a commonly used variable name in PHP for template files, but I couldn't find a solid explanation for this. It seems that 'tpl' is often used in combination with different frameworks, such as Smarty, but it's still unclear to me why it is specifically named 'tpl' and if it holds any special meaning in the PHP community.

So, my question is: Where does the 'tpl' PHP variable come from? Is it a reserved keyword or convention in PHP, or does it have a specific purpose within certain PHP frameworks? I would appreciate any insights or explanations that can help me better understand this aspect of PHP programming.

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