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What are the possible values for a boolean variable in PHP?

Hi everyone,

I am currently learning PHP and I have come across boolean variables. While studying, I found that boolean variables can only have two possible values: true or false. However, I wanted to confirm if there are any other values that a boolean variable can hold in PHP.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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From my personal experience diving into PHP, I can confirm that boolean variables adhere to the standard of having only two possible values: true or false. The beauty of boolean variables lies in their simplicity and uncomplicated nature. They are incredibly useful for controlling program flow and making decisions based on conditions.

For instance, in a recent project, I had to implement a feature that determined whether a particular user had admin privileges. To handle this, I created a boolean variable called $isAdmin, which was assigned a value of true if the user was an admin and false otherwise. This enabled me to conveniently grant or restrict access to certain functionalities based on the user's administrative status.

In summary, PHP boolean variables indeed possess two distinct values: true and false. Embracing their binary nature simplifies logic and allows developers to efficiently handle conditions within their programs.


In my experience with PHP, boolean variables can indeed have only two possible values: true or false. This makes them really handy for storing and evaluating conditions or states within a program. You can use boolean variables in if statements, loops, or even in comparisons to make decisions based on certain conditions.

For example, let's say you have a variable named $isLogged that indicates whether a user is currently logged in or not. You can set it to true when the user successfully logs in, and false when they log out or the session expires. Then, you can use this boolean variable to control access to certain sections of your website or execute specific actions based on whether the user is logged in or not.

So to answer the original question, in PHP, boolean variables can only hold true or false as their values. It's pretty straightforward and simplifies the logic in programming.

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