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PHP timezone_name_get() function (with example)

Hello everyone,

I have been going through the PHP documentation, and I came across the "timezone_name_get()" function. I would appreciate it if someone could explain to me how this function works and maybe provide an example of its usage.

I have been working on a project where I need to display the timezone names, and this function seems to be relevant. However, I want to make sure I understand it correctly before implementing it in my code.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hi there,

I recently encountered the "timezone_name_get()" function in PHP, and I must say it was quite handy for my project. When I needed to retrieve a list of supported timezone names, this function came to the rescue.

To use it, you simply call the function and it returns an array containing all the supported timezone identifiers. These identifiers represent specific timezones like "Asia/Tokyo" or "Pacific/Auckland".

In my case, I wanted to provide a dropdown menu on the user interface, allowing users to select their desired timezone. Here's an example of how I implemented it:

$timezones = timezone_name_get();

echo '<select name="timezone">';
foreach ($timezones as $timezone) {
echo '<option value="' . $timezone . '">' . $timezone . '</option>';
echo '</select>';

By iterating over the array of timezone names, I generated a dropdown list with each option representing a specific timezone. This allowed users to easily select their preferred timezone.

I hope this explanation helps! Feel free to ask if you have any further queries or if there's anything else I can assist you with.



I've had the opportunity to explore the "timezone_name_get()" function in PHP, and it proved to be quite useful for my project's time-related requirements. This function essentially retrieves an array of supported timezone identifiers, enabling developers to work with different timezones effortlessly.

During one of my projects, I needed to allow users to set their timezone preferences. Utilizing the "timezone_name_get()" function, I was able to populate a dropdown menu with an extensive list of available timezones. Here's a snippet of how I implemented it in my code:

$timezones = timezone_name_get();
echo "<select name='user_timezone'>";
foreach ($timezones as $timezone) {
echo "<option value='$timezone'>$timezone</option>";
echo "</select>";

By looping through the array of timezone names, I generated a dropdown list with each option's value set to the respective timezone identifier. This way, users could easily pick their preferred timezone from the list.

If you have any further questions or need assistance with implementing this function, feel free to ask! I'm here to help.


Hey there,

I've used the "timezone_name_get()" function in PHP before, so I can give you some insights based on my personal experience. This function returns an array of all the timezone identifiers supported by PHP. These identifiers are the names of different timezones like "America/New_York" or "Europe/London".

To use this function, you can simply call it and store the result in a variable. Then, you can iterate over the array to display the available timezone names. Here's an example:

$timezones = timezone_name_get();
foreach ($timezones as $timezone) {
echo $timezone . "<br>";

This code will list all the supported timezone names on your webpage. You can further manipulate the output as per your project requirements.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions or need clarification on anything.

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