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json - Eloquent ORM (Laravel/PHP) does not use variable?

Hey everyone!

I am currently using Laravel with Eloquent ORM in my PHP project, and I came across something peculiar. It seems like when working with JSON data using Eloquent, I cannot directly use a variable to access the JSON values.

Let me give you an example to better explain my issue. Assume I have a table called "users" with a column named "info" that stores JSON data. Now, if I want to retrieve a specific value from the JSON using a variable, it doesn't seem to work.

Here's what I attempted:

$user = User::find(1);
$key = 'name';

$value = $user->info->$key;


However, this results in an error. It seems like I can only access JSON values using hardcoded strings like `$user->info->name`. But in my case, the key is dynamic and could change based on user input.

Am I missing something here? Is there a way to achieve this without resorting to hardcoded strings? I would appreciate any help or guidance on this matter.

Thank you in advance!

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Hello there!

I completely understand the challenge you're facing when trying to access dynamic JSON values using variables in Eloquent ORM with Laravel. I've encountered a similar situation in the past, and here is how I managed to solve it.

One approach that worked for me was using the `get()` method provided by Laravel's Collection class. This method allows you to access nested values dynamically.

Let me provide you with an example:

$user = User::find(1);
$key = 'name';

$jsonCollection = collect($user->info);
$value = $jsonCollection->get($key);

By converting the JSON data into a collection using the `collect()` function, you can then use the `get()` method to retrieve the dynamic value based on the given key.

I hope this approach helps you resolve the issue you're facing. If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask. Happy coding!


Hey there!

I've encountered a similar situation in the past while working with the Eloquent ORM and JSON data in Laravel. It took some time to figure out, but I managed to find a solution.

Instead of using the arrow notation (`->`) to access JSON values with a variable, you can use the `->>` operator to achieve the desired result. This operator allows you to retrieve JSON values dynamically.

Here's an example of how you can modify your code to make it work:

$user = User::find(1);
$key = 'name';

$value = $user->info->json("$." . $key);

By using the `json()` method with the `$` sign and concatenating it with the dynamic key, you can access the JSON value without any issues.

I hope this solution helps you overcome the problem you've been facing. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask!



I can totally relate to your frustration with accessing dynamic JSON values in Eloquent ORM using variables. I encountered a similar issue and had to dig deep to find a solution.

After some trial and error, I discovered a workaround that worked for me. Instead of directly using the arrow notation or the `json()` method, you can utilize the `json_get` method to access the JSON values dynamically.

Here's an alternative approach you can try:

$user = User::find(1);
$key = 'name';

$jsonData = json_decode($user->info, true);
$value = data_get($jsonData, $key);

By using the `json_decode` function to convert the JSON string to an array and then using the `data_get` helper function, you can retrieve the dynamic JSON value easily.

I hope this alternative method proves useful in your case! If you have any further queries, feel free to ask. Happy coding!

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