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Can you recommend any online resources or websites to practice PHP interview questions?

Hey there! I'm currently preparing for a PHP interview and I'm looking for some online resources or websites where I can practice PHP interview questions. I want to make sure that I am well-prepared and confident for my upcoming interview. Can you recommend any websites or resources that offer a good collection of PHP interview questions? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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Absolutely! In my experience, preparing for a PHP interview required a combination of practical coding exercises and theoretical knowledge. One resource that greatly helped me was the PHP section on HackerRank. They have a comprehensive collection of PHP coding challenges that are specifically designed to test your problem-solving abilities and coding skills in PHP.

Another excellent website I found useful is PHP.net. It's the official PHP documentation website, but it also offers a range of PHP interview questions and answers. Going through these questions helped me gain a better understanding of various PHP concepts and the best practices recommended by the official PHP community.

Apart from these websites, I also found participating in coding forums and communities extremely beneficial. Websites like Stack Overflow and PHP forums provide an opportunity to engage with experienced PHP developers and learn from their insights. Sometimes, they even have dedicated threads or tags specifically for PHP interview questions, where you can practice and discuss your answers.

Lastly, don't underestimate the power of building small projects and practicing real-world scenarios. Creating your own PHP projects or contributing to open-source projects can strengthen your practical skills, enhance your problem-solving abilities, and provide experience in working with different PHP frameworks and tools.

By combining these resources, you'll be sure to gain a well-rounded understanding of PHP and feel confident tackling any PHP interview questions that come your way. Best of luck with your preparation!


Sure! I recently went through a similar experience and found a couple of online resources that were immensely helpful for practicing PHP interview questions. One website I would highly recommend is LeetCode. While it mainly focuses on coding challenges for various programming languages, they also have a dedicated section for PHP interview questions. It offers a wide range of questions varying in difficulty levels, which is great for building your knowledge and skills.

Another useful website is GeeksforGeeks. They have a dedicated section for PHP as well, where you can find not only interview questions but also articles and tutorials on different PHP concepts. Their well-structured content helped me brush up on the fundamentals and practice interview questions at the same time.

Additionally, GitHub is a treasure trove of interview question repositories. You can find repositories dedicated to PHP interview questions, containing a collection of frequently asked questions with detailed explanations. Going through these questions and their solutions can give you a better understanding of how to approach similar problems in an interview setting.

I hope these suggestions help you as much as they helped me. Good luck with your preparation, and I'm sure you'll do great in your PHP interview!

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