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Are there any salary variations based on the PHP developer's involvement in open-source projects or contributions to the PHP community?

Hey everyone,

I've been working as a PHP developer for a while now, and I'm considering getting more involved in open-source projects and contributing to the PHP community. I've heard that contributing to open-source projects can have a positive impact on a developer's career, but I'm wondering if it also affects salary variations.

I've always enjoyed working on open-source projects and learning from the community. It not only helps me enhance my skills but also exposes me to new ideas and approaches. However, I'm curious to know if companies value this kind of involvement and whether it can lead to higher salaries or better career opportunities.

If any of you have personal experience or insights regarding salary variations based on involvement in open-source projects or contributions to the PHP community, I'd really appreciate your input. Any information or advice would be really helpful in understanding the potential impact.

Thanks in advance!

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